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"Da Vinci's Demons" S01E08 (The Lovers) inglés subtítulos srt

Da Vinci's Demons The Lovers (2013)
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Estreno: Da.Vincis.Demons.1x08.The.Lovers.srt (54.19 kB)
Idioma: inglés
Cargador: jimbo98
Fecha: 2013-06-16 02:45:04
Descargados: 7
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: .srt
Calificacion: 8.8 / 10 (7 votes)
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Detalles de la película

Drama, Adventure

And you. I'll miss you as well,
my friends.
Turkey, Africa, yes.
But here?
I take it you now believe
in visio93
00:08:24,967 --> 00:08:27,635
..and demons?
How badly did you handle your talk
with him about this marriage?
He knew he had
to wed the girl.
yet I've not seen
a trace of him for days.
Did you actually hear him
utter the words, "I agree",

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