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"Bonanza" S14E01 Forever subtítulos

Bonanza Forever (S14E01)
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Reparto: Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, David Canary, Mitch Vogel, Bonnie Bedelia, Robert Doyle, Andrew Robinson, Luana Anders, Toby Andersen, Ivan Bonar, William Challee, Lee de Broux, John J. Fox, Larry Golden, Don Haggerty
Dirigida por: Michael Landon
Calificación: 6.6 / 10 (28 votes)
Little Joe finds true love in newcomer Alice Harper. Following a courtship, the two are engaged. Unlike most of the Cartwrights' previous girlfriends, Alice makes it to the altar. Joe and Alice are starting their new life together, and she soon becomes pregnant. Alas, their life together is doomed. Alice's indolent brother owes money to a ruthless professional gambler named Sloan and has not repaid him. One day while Joe is gone, Sloan and his gang - with John at gunpoint - visit Alice to collect the money. When she refuses to cooperate, Sloan's hired muscle, Mr. Hanley, brutally beats Alice to death. Then, to cover up the murder, they burn the house down. Joe, along with Ben and Jamie, return to find - to his horror - his entire world crashing down in flames. Joe decides he needs "a little time away" to grieve over his wife's death, but then stumbles across a couple who have the music box he gave Alice as a present (and was subsequently taken by Sloan)...
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