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Gravity (2013) English subtitles srt

Gravity (2013)
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Release: Gravity (57.46 kB)
Language: English
Uploader: Anonymous
Date: 2013-12-07 03:06:17
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Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama


He appears to be doing
some form of the Macarena.
But that would be just a best-guess
scenario on my part.
Dr. Stone, Houston. Medical now have you with
a temperature drop to thirty-five-point-nine
Let me see what’s go74
00:04:38,581 --> 00:04:40,579
What have we got?
Installing your system in the
Hubble is the purpose of this mission
and so we appreciyour patience, Doctor.
but, uh, for your information, this
delay is not gonna be long enough

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