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The Beautiful Truth (2008) angļu subtitri srt

The Beautiful Truth (2008)
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Relīze: The Beautiful Truth (2008) Gerson Cancer Therapy.srt (118.28 kB)
Valoda: angļu
Augšupielādētājs: Anonymous
Datums: 2011-12-24 22:43:53
Lejupielādētie: 12
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: .srt
Corrected subtitles. If anyone has the time, it needs a bit of tidying up as English is not my mother language. But overall, it is much better than the machine translated.
Reitings: 6.9 / 10 (12 votes)
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with the right mix of foods, or that
creature will succumb quickly.
goat’s milk. No store could
legally supply this.
He must use only those treatments that
have already proven to be failures.
00:05:15,676 --> 00:05:this message came too late
to save his legs.
About the wildlife Garrett cared for.
He found it surprising how unfamiliar
Most people were about wild
animals and their requirements.
Then news of this situation eventually
got back to Dr. Gerson’s daughter Charlotte.

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