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The Beautiful Truth (2008) angļu subtitri srt

The Beautiful Truth (2008)
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Relīze: The Beautiful Truth (2008) Gerson Cancer Therapy.srt (118.28 kB)
Valoda: angļu
Augšupielādētājs: Anonymous
Datums: 2011-12-24 22:43:53
Lejupielādētie: 12
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: .srt
Corrected subtitles. If anyone has the time, it needs a bit of tidying up as English is not my mother language. But overall, it is much better than the machine translated.
Reitings: 6.9 / 10 (12 votes)
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goat’s milk. No store could
legally supply this.
People that were deeply impacted
positively, included
that extended event to the health and
Productivity of his bees.
What I would like to see is some proof.
Some good scientific proof.
About the wildlife Garrett cared for.
He found it surprising how unfamiliar
It was a new book, written by Charlotte,
that spelled out how Dr. Gerson’s therapy worked.
It had easy to understand statements
about ca76
00:06:12,936 --> 00:06:16,131
Even fifteen year old could find
the text a good read.

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