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U.F.O. ((2012))
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Elenco: Sean Brosnan, Maya Grant, Joey Ansah, Jazz Lintott, Sean Pertwee, Peter Barrett, Amelia Linney, Raji James, Perry Fitzpatrick, Bianca Bree, Simon Phillips, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Julian Glover, Andrew Shim
Dirigido por: Dominic Burns
Avaliação: 3.1 / 10 (2420 votes)
Friends get together for a night out in a bar. Life is wonderful as a couple share their proposal moment. When, suddenly strange things start to happen. Loss of power. Throughout the city. No phones, no lights, just darkness as the friends try to cope. Then an invasion from UFOs, big ones! The sky is darkened by the ships of the alien invaders. The takeover of planet Earth has begun as our the five friends struggle to survive amid the chaos and calamity. Will love survive the terror?
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