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Night Train to Lisbon subtitles

Night Train to Lisbon ((2013))
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Cast: Martina Gedeck, August Diehl, Bruno Ganz, Burghart Klaußner, Nicolau Breyner, Jeremy Irons, Christopher Lee, Mélanie Laurent, Beatriz Batarda, Filipe Vargas, Adriano Luz, José Wallenstein, Marco D'Almeida, Jack Huston, Tom Courtenay, Lena Olin, Charlotte Rampling, Sarah Bühlmann, Helena Afonso , Raquel Cipriano
Directed by: Bille August
Rating: 6.8 / 10 (13720 votes)
About an aging Swiss professor of classical languages who, after a chance encounter with a Portuguese woman, quits his job and travels to Lisbon in the hope of discovering the fate of a certain author, a doctor and poet who fought against Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliveira Salazar.
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